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My Story

I am a former maritime navigational officer and harbour pilot with a passion for animation. My hobby is presenting educational stories and interesting nuggets from the maritime industry and sharing them on social media to keep them freely accessible to everyone.

For training & educational use, you can purchase downloadable variants of my videos from the Casual Navigation store.

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What I Offer

Engaging Maritime Training & Educational Videos

My hobby is creating maritime training and educational videos for social media. Over the last 6 years, my videos have organically generated hundreds of millions of views, and are now used by maritime training and educational establishments worldwide.

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How Can I Help?

If you like what I do and wish to lend your support, then please check out my Patreon page. You will be able to vote on upcoming video topics, receive early access to scripts, ad-free early access to videos, and be acknowledged as a supporter within the credits of videos I publish across social media.

It’s just me. I do all the research, scriptwriting, voiceovers, artwork, animation, audio production, and post-production work myself.

My favourite videos are “training videos in disguise”, which are the ones that share a real educational message within an entertaining video that has broad appeal.

I try to cover my costs through video sponsorships and advertising revenue, however, that is unpredictable and often falls short of covering the true costs of each video. Plus supporters on Patreon take away some of the financial pressure allowing me to create the content you and I enjoy most. Without your support, I would need to create the same content as everyone else to guarantee that I cover all my costs through advertising revenue alone.

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You may use my YouTube videos in accordance with YouTube’s terms of service. The last time I checked, you were not allowed to download videos. YouTube does offer an embed feature which you can use to embed content in other locations.

I offer sponsorship opportunities within the videos that I post on social media. Please contact me at youtube@casualnavigation.com or using the contact form on this website and we can discuss your requirements.

I focus on the maritime industry because I enjoy making content about an industry in which I already have expertise. This allows me to focus on the video production process, without also having to learn the subject of the video.

I can create a bespoke video about most topics within the maritime industry. You can submit a suggestion using the forms on this website, or get in touch if you would like to work together to create a bespoke video to meet your requirements.

Cargo ship with a wobbly background


Casual Navigation is the result of my animation hobby, where I enjoy creating training and educational videos which share knowledge about the maritime industry.

The early motivation came after I attended STCW refresher courses which included rewatching the same training DVDs that looked like they had been in circulation for almost 50 years. I wondered how hard it would be to create something better.

My initial goal was simply to learn how to animate, so I would post the resulting videos to YouTube as I thought a few people might enjoy them. Very quickly, however, thousands of people started to watch, which opened up a wealth of data through YouTube Analytics and allowed my hobby to evolve into the productions you see today.

As the audience grew from thousands to millions, my videos started to be shared further afield and even began to be used in professional settings as teaching aids within real-life training courses.

This was the motivation for introducing the store, allowing my hobby to come full circle as I found myself creating the sort of videos that had provided the early inspiration for wanting to learn how to animate.