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We simplify the nautical industry to make it enjoyable for everyone to explore

Using a unique combination of professional expertise and social media reach, we create maritime educational content that is accurate for use in training, yet also entertaining and engaging so that it spreads organically across the world.

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Casual Navigation Plus unlocks access to even more great content from Casual Navigation. It has been designed for anyone who either enjoys learning about the maritime industry, is currently studying for a nautical qualification, or is involved in teaching others within the industry.

With Plus, you get Early Access to Ad-Free versions of our content. In addition, you receive a bonus Director’s Commentary for each video and can participate in the production process through our Name-A-Vessel scheme.

Casual Navigation Plus is currently hosted on Patreon. You receive access to all your rewards through the feed.

You should join if you would prefer to watch our videos without the interruptions of Ads and Sponsorships, and if you would like greater involvement and insight into what Casual Navigation is all about. Don’t worry though, if you choose not to join then you can still find all our public content on Social Media.

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Casual Navigation simplifies the nautical industry, making it fun for everyone to explore.

Over the years, we have found our own way, combining professional maritime experience, storytelling, and animation to create content that is now enjoyed by millions.

We strive to be professionally accurate to assist in training the current generation of seafarers, but simultaneously entertaining and engaging to inspire the next.

If you have stumbled across this website, then I encourage you to check out our content on YouTube and find out if you share in our love for all things nautical.

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