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Our Story

Casual Navigation began when Kym, a former maritime navigational officer and harbour pilot, decided to learn animation as a hobby. He created videos based on his professional maritime expertise and uploaded them to YouTube where, before long, millions of people started to watch.

6 years later, Kym still enjoys publishing for Casual Navigation, sharing his knowledge and passion for the maritime industry, while continuing to develop his skills in animation.

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What We Offer

Maritime Edutainment for You to Enjoy

We use animation to blend professional-level knowledge & expertise into entertaining videos. Our goal is to create engaging & accurate content, which can spread organically across social media, while also being useful for professional-level training.

Maritime Edutainment

We share maritime edutainment across social media to make the industry more accessible for everyone to explore.

Maritime Expertise

Our professional maritime expertise helps our content to remain an accurate and reliable source of industry information.

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Contact us to enquire about downloadable variants of our videos which you can use for training or educational purposes.

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If you like what we do and wish to lend your support, then please consider becoming a Plus supporter on Patreon. You will be able to vote on upcoming video topics, receive early access to scripts, ad-free early access to videos, and be acknowledged as a supporter within the credits of videos we publish across social media.

We are on Patreon because we received requests from viewers asking how they could offer financial support. We chose Patreon because it provides a simple platform for us to offer membership and deliver some member-only rewards.

We offer all Plus members: Early Access to Videos; Downloadable Video Scripts; Voting on Video Topics; and Credits in Public Videos.

We are always open to new perks and rewards, so please let us know if there is something else you would like to see.

We try to cover our costs through video sponsorships and advertising revenue, however, that is unpredictable and often falls short of covering the true costs of each video. Plus supporters on Patreon take away some of the financial pressure allowing us to create the content you want to see. Without your support, we would need to publish the same style of content as everyone else on social media to guarantee that we cover all our costs through advertising revenue alone.

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Our videos start with a script which we write in Google Docs, then involve creating the artwork in Affinity Designer on an iPad and Adobe Illustrator on the PC. We then record and edit the voiceover using Audacity before importing the audio file into Premiere Pro. The next step is to create the animations in Adobe After Effects using the voiceover for timing, and the vector images which we created in Adobe Illustrator. Finally, we apply sound effects and music in the Premiere Pro project before exporting the final video and uploading it to social media.

Our videos are primarily designed for entertainment on social media, however, numerous maritime training providers have found them useful for explaining complex maritime topics in an easy-to-understand way.

We are always happy for people to use our videos for training, however, the responsibility rests with the training provider to confirm the suitability of each video for this purpose.

You may use our YouTube videos in accordance with YouTube’s terms of service. You are probably free to play the video directly from YouTube and it will not cost you anything, but we advise you to confirm for yourself.

Unsponsored versions of our videos (with ads disabled) are shared with Plus supporters on Patreon.

We also offer affordable links to unsponsored versions for you to purchase if you prefer to make a one-time payment to access individual videos.

We hope to add this functionality to the website in the future, but we are currently processing these requests manually. Please contact:

You cannot download our videos from social media, however, we can prepare a variant of any of our videos for you to download as a .MP4 file.

To find out more, please get in touch with us at: