Casual Navigation Plus

Plus includes Ad-Free streaming of videos for a low monthly price!

Use Our Videos Offline

We supply a white-label HD .MP4 video file, with commercial usage rights for you to use during in-person training or for uploading to your LMS.


Choose Your Video

Check through our YouTube channel to find a video that meets your requirements.


Check Our Store

If we have already adapted the video for offline use, you’ll find it in our store.


Get In Touch

If the video has not been adapted before, contact us and we will produce an offline version for you to purchase.


Download Your Video

Once you purchase, you will be able to download the .MP4 video to use.


Let’s Create Something Great Together

If we haven’t already created a video that meets your needs, let us know and we can build it together. We offer a number of finance options, including FREE PRODUCTION for videos that we know will thrive on our channel.

What Can You Create?

We create content in the style that you find on our social channels. Typically, 5-10 minutes in length, and meeting a couple of learning objectives. Deeper projects are possible, but we do find they are less engaging for viewers.

Is It Really Free?

We offer free production for some projects if the end result is a video that can cover its own costs on our social channels. When you enquire, please mention if you are interested in this service.

How Long Does It Take?

Our videos take approximately 2 weeks each to produce, so depending on our workload we might be able to turn around your project within a month or two.

Do You Create Exclusive Work?

We can work on exclusive commissions, however, you might find other providers are more appropriate because we really specialise in content that will thrive when shared on social media.

How Does It Work?

Every bespoke project has its own requirements, so we recommend filling in the Contact Form or email so that we can discuss what you need.


Every partnership is unique, but to give you some ideas we have compiled examples of different partnerships for different budgets.



Core partnerships cover things such as raising awareness of an industry safety issue, subtle mentions of a product or service, and other low-impact social integrations.

If your message is not-for-profit and of a safety-critical nature, we will endeavour to partner for free.



A standard partnership could include a video sponsorship where you receive a 60s advert within a video and are identified as the video’s sponsor. You could also receive a downloadable version of the video, links to your brand alongside the video, and a call to action within the content.



Delux partnerships could involve a series of public videos, each of which contains a 60s advert for your brand.

Delux partnerships are only limited by your imagination, so we would love to hear your ideas.