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bespoke training resources at an affordable price

We create custom video content to meet your training needs!

Working with our sponsorship model, you can receive custom animations at a fraction of the price that is possible with a traditional commission.

Excellent Value

Our sponsorship structure offers excellent value for money when compared to commissions from traditional animation studios.

Increased Reach

Sponsored content is published to one of our channels, exposing your brand to an audience of up to 310,000 subscribers.

Great Engagement

Engagement is essential! All our content is designed to keep viewers engaged, helping your students learn and helping our channels to grow.


Combine your sponsored content with any of our existing resources to grow your content library at an affordable price.

Low Price


£ 4.80 /mo
Join our Patreon community. Each time community funding reaches SILVER or GOLD level, we'll create a new video in collaboration with the whole community.
  • Discuss topic ideas
  • Vote on videos
  • Early access to scripts
  • Early access to final video


From £ 249
Sponsor a "Tips & Reviews" video. These videos usually cover a single skill and work best when used as part of a series.
  • Topic selection
  • 1 Script revision
  • 1 Promotional slot
  • Published on our secondary channel
  • Commercial license included


From £ 1999
Sponsor a "Casual Navigation" video. These videos usually cover an event or topic in more depth and work well as stand-alone content.
  • Topic selection
  • 2 Script revisions
  • 1 Promotional slot
  • Published on our main channel
  • Commercial license included

How could your business benefit?

sponsorships offer a whole range of benefits to different businesses and organisations within the maritime industry

Training Providers

Sponsorships give you the opportunity to create bespoke training resources that keep your students engaged.

Our maritime experience means that you don't need to teach us first. You just continue providing your current training while we work on your new content.

Shipping Companies

Sponsorships are a great way for you to improve the safety culture within your company. We can work with you to create case studies that you can use to raise awareness of safety-critical issues in an engaging way.

When we publish the content on our public channels, the wider industry will benefit from your generous support and recognise your brand as a leader in safety awareness.


Whether you are an independent producer or a large corporation, sponsorships allow you to integrate our modern content into your e-learning products.

Embed an entire video or even extract individual sections to create a unique learning experience for your students.

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